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Transferring a Domain to Webnames
Posted by Garrett Saundry, Last modified by Garrett Saundry on 01/15/21 09:41 AM

Registrar transfers are always initiated by the gaining party via the gaining Registrar.

  • The steps to perform a transfer are generally divided into three steps
    1. The customer initiates the transfer via their Webnames account
    2. Webnames obtains approval from the domain owner to submit the domain transfer request
    3. The domain transfer request is submitted to the respective Registry, and provided that the transfer request details are valid, the transfer completes after a defined period of time.

Registrar transfers add a year to the domain registration, and a fee is involved. Please see our general pricing page, or the pricing page within your account for details.

Note: As the process for transferring a domain can differ slightly from one domain extension to another, please see the related domain extension specific section of this FAQ page for a walkthrough of that domain's specific transfer process.

General Registrar Transfer Process

  1. Confirm the following information for the domain with a WHOIS lookup [Search the WHOIS]:
    1. Ensure that the admin email address listed is current and valid, and that you have direct or indirect access to this email account (a transfer confirmation email will be sent this address later in the transfer process)
    2. The domain must also be unlocked and otherwise be put into a transferable state (e.g. the status shown in the WHOIS lookup must NOT show “Transfer Prohibited” but rather should read ‘OK’)
    3. If necessary, update the admin email address and domain status by contacting the domain’s current Registrar
  2. Obtain the domain Transfer Authorization Code (also called an EPP code or Transfer key) from the current Registrar.
  3. Initiate a domain transfer at (
  4. Enter the domain(s) to transfer, and click Transfer Now
  5. Enter the related Transfer Authorization Code (one per domain), and click Continue
  6. If there are any errors with your submission, (incorrect Transfer Authorization Code, or domain is locked), correct as necessary and then click Continue once again.
  7. Optional: Chose to add a hosting package to your domain. Click Next when ready.
  8. An overview of your transfer, any add-ons which were selected, as well as costs will be displayed. Click Next when ready.
  9. Set up an account with Webnames if you do not already have one
  10. Confirm, choose or create a Registrant (owner) for the domain(s) by clicking Select beside the applicable Registrant. If a list of Registrants is not shown, click back to Step 7 above and look for an option on the right for creating a new Registrant.
  11. Provide payment details and complete the shopping cart process (as part of the successful transfer, an additional year will be added to the domain's current registration). Click Continue when ready
  12. A request to authorize the transfer will be sent to the Gaining Registrant email address, who will have 5 calendar days to respond to the transfer request.
  13. Once approval has been received, your payment for the approved transfers will be processed.
  14. Once successfully paid, the transfers will be submitted to their respective Registries.
  15. Provided that the transfer code and domain status are correct, the transfer will complete five calendar days after the transfer is submitted to the Registry. The domain(s) will then become active within the respective account.

The status of your transfers can be monitored via My Account > Dashboard > Other >Domain Transfers in Progress.

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