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How to update Webnames Account and/or Registrant information
Posted by Garrett Saundry, Last modified by Garrett Saundry on 01/15/21 09:36 AM

To make changes to either your account or related Registrant information (it is advisable to review and update both as necessary), please take the following steps after logging into our website:

To change your account information :

  • Login to your account
  • Navigate to My Account > Account Settings
  • Click on Account Owner
  • After making updates, click Update

To update any Registrant profile:

  • Login to your account
  • Navigate to My Account > Dashboard > Account Management > Domain Registrants > Manage
  • Click on the Registrant you wish to update
  • Make edits to the existing Registrant information as necessary and/or
  • Click the link near the bottom of the page to define alternative Administrative, Billing or Technical contacts as necessary (if not already in place)
  • After making updates, click Update
NOTE: There are two items that can affect the domain ownership information displayed in a WHOIS lookup: Privacy

If you have applied Privacy to the Registrant of a domain, your contact details will be replaced with that of our CEO, Stephen Smith, along with our contact information

Registry Privacy

The .CA Registry (along with a few others, such as .TEL) affords a certain level of privacy to Registrants who have designated themselves to be of a non-commercial or organization nature (i.e. the domain is registered to an individual, and not a company or group). In these cases, the Registry will not display any Registrant information when a WHOIS lookup is done on a related domain.


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