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Notice to all .TEL owners
Posted by Garrett Saundry on 01/23/17 10:46 AM

Dear .TEL Owner,

As a current owner of one or more .TEL domain names through, you may be aware of upcoming changes to .TEL and how this domain name functions. TELNIC, the organization that runs the .TEL registry has recently sent a notice to all TEL Registrants on December 12th and again on January 9th.

A link to this notice is located here.

Webnames encourages you to review this
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How to Create a Custom URL with Domain Forwarding
Posted by Neil Lim on 09/11/14 10:37 AM

How to Create a Custom URL

Let’s face it, most small businesses only have one domain name. While we advocate registering different variation of your domain name so that no one can steal your brand’s identity online, it can feel like a waste knowing that the new domain name you registered isn’t doing
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Save up to 70% on .PRESS and .WEBSITE domains!
Posted by Neil Lim on 08/26/14 02:58 PM


The new .PRESS and .WEBSITE domains are entering their respective Landrush periods and we know that registering your domain names during Landrush is a bit expensive so we’re having a promotion on these two new domains!

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Canada Day Special: Get Two Domains For the Price of One!
Posted by Neil Lim on 06/30/14 04:46 PM


We’re celebrating Canada Day by combining our two passions – Domain Names and Canada – into a special promotion! From June 27 until July 4, 2014, register a new domain using extensions like
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